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WHZWM Attends the 14th China International Polyurethane Exhibition
Release time:2016-08-08     Read:208

Wuhan Zhengwei Machinery Co.,Ltd. attended the 14th China International Polyurethane Exhibition from 2016/8/2 to 2016/8/4 in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center.

China International Polyurethane Exhibition is the foremost polyurethane exhibition in Asia-Pacific region and even in the world, a large number of international and domestic famous polyurethane industry suppliers choose this exhibition as a platform to showcase their latest products and industry achievements.

Through this exhibition Wuhan Zhengwei Machinery Co.,Ltd. showed our main products to our customers and partners, including all series of PU high pressure foaming machines, like automotive seat cushion and interior decoration parts foaming production line, full-automatic blend system, refrigerator foaming production line, insulations and construction materials foaming production line and foaming equipments’ parts etc. Meanwhile, through face to face communication,we collected potential customer information, and further grasped the latest information of polyurethane industry. 


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